The Life of Riley (aka Ballsy, Muddy)

October 7, 2018

"Ballsy" was one of our group of 20 piglets in the late spring of 2018. We had all females and castrated males, or so we thought. As time went on, we recognized one male was not a castrated male. Which means a lot of not good things to us. Once he and the girls reached a certain age, he could breed them. Real bad for us. Once he got to certain age his meat would, in our opinion, not be salable nor meet our standards for our Berkshire pork. So even separating him with a few of his male buddies would not work. Seemingly there was only one option.

I made an appointment with a local butcher to take Ballsy right away and he would go in our freezer.  Ballsy was such as nice, easy going guy, and a picture perfect Berkshire. It was not his time so that made it difficult for us. The day before he was scheduled to go in, I emailed a colleague, Amber, who I thought breeds pigs that might be interested in him as a breeding boar. She asked for a picture and Ballsy was sold. I delivered him to The Farm at Woods Hill in Bath, NH. Justin and James (people) were there to greet Ballsy and introduce him to his new home. Wow was it nice. Clover, grasses, shelter, clean water with a buddy next door. Ballsy rolled over for belly rubs and Justin and James gladly complied. 

The farm staff renamed Ballsy to fit into their program. They named all their boars of 2018  after Blues musicians. So Ballsy forever will be known as "Muddy Waters". We hope to visit Muddy some time and we know he is living well and in the best possible conditions on this earth.   

Ed Canane

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