Owners and Farmers - Cindy, Ed and Bond.


Every farm tells its own story.  The beginning of Cascade Brook Farm is one of patience, planning and vision.  We, Ed and Cindy Canane, had lived and built our careers in urban and metropolitan areas knowing that one day we would transition careers into a rural based, agricultural centered life. 

In 2000,  we sold everything, packed up and moved from New Hampshire to Southern Colorado. It was in the San Luis Valley where our eyes were opened to the world of beef cattle.  Colorado is beautiful, but we found out "where we belong" and came back home to the same New Hampshire town knowing we wanted to be in the cattle business. We carved a farm out of the forest and searched the country to source our 100% Grass Fed Angus cattle.  Our goal was to find an old fashion Angus, harking back to pre industrial times, true to their origin in Scotland.  This “old-styled Aberdeen Angus” is shorter in size and frame that those that are found filling the feedlots throughout the USA.  They maximize the protein from every blade of grass generating the best in pasture fed beef.  The end result is a thick and juicy steak that overflows with the flavors of their ancestors. 



One of our grazing groups meeting us at a water trough. Clean troughs with water sourced from one of our drinking wells.