Our Black Angus Beef

100% Pasture Raised, Grass Fed and Grass Finished. All Natural, Non-GMO, clean well water. No drugs of any kind. Clean and unadulterated premium beef.





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Berkshire Pork

Our Berks live the life. We love them, feed them all natural grains and they are outside in pastures and forest 24 x 7. Cindy visits with them nearly every day. The pigs are the friendliest, kindest and smartest animals on the farm. 

They eat grasses, bugs, acorns, leaves, grains and more. And of course they get fresh watermelon on hot summer days as a treat.

We carefully select the grain. It is an all natural grain from Poulin Grain out of Vermont. We have self feeders that we load and the pigs can, and do, eat whenever they want to.

We fill their water tanks nearly every day with water from one of our drilled domestic wells. The water is cold and clean.

No drugs of any kind. Simple and pure. Happy and healthy Berkshires.


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Cutting and Packaging


The standard and protocols of our USDA processing and packing company, Vermont Packing House are as follows:

1. Each animal is uniquely identified per customer during unloading and the slaughter process.

2. Once the carcasses are cooled below an internal temperature of 50F, they can be staged for cutting. Each carcass (on custom days) are cut fully and sent to packaging before the next carcass is cut.

3. Once cuts from a carcass are ready to be packaged, the packagers pack each cut into a shrink bag per the order specifications. These cuts are then placed in a white bin labeled with the corresponding order number.

4. The packages are then placed in the cryovac machine which removes the air and seals the package.

5. After that, each pack is dipped into hot water for about 1 second- which shrinks the bag tight around the meat. Once dipped, the packages are placed with like cuts and lined up for the boxing portion.

6. Each cut is placed on the scale and a sticker is printed and applied to each pack then boxed, a final label with box items is placed on the outside of the box.

7. Boxes are then placed on freezer carts and staged for the freezer.

8. Invoices are produced and the customer is contacted for pickup.

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