Complete Side of Grass Fed Pure Black Angus Beef

Complete Side of Grass Fed Pure Black Angus Beef

Custom cut and packaged to your specifications. $300 is the deposit. The sale price is $6.45 lb. hanging weight.
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Sale price is $6.45 per lb. hanging weight!

We sit down with you, either at the farm or virtually, and go through the cutting and packaging specifications in detail so you get the most out of the animal that fits with your cullinary preferences. 

The price of a side of our Angus is $6.65 lb hanging weight. Our hanging weights range from 340 to 370 lbs. So a side of beef hanging at 350 lbs costs $6.65 * 350 = $2,327.50. That is for everything (cut, packed and wrapped) delivered to your door. Or you can choose to pick up at one of our pickup locations, including the farm. The partial payment of $300 is a deposit (credited to the total price) and places your order on our schedule. We will be in touch soon after your order. Feel free to call Ed at (603) 496-7470 to discuss timing, specific availabilities or any other issues prior or during the process.  

When you pay by the "hanging weight", it is very important there is an expectation of how much beef you should receive. We call that the "yield from carcass to retail cuts".  The breed, quality of the finished animal, age, size, maturity, butcher, how you get it cut and more impacts the actual beef that goes in your freezer. Some breeds average around 52%-54% of the carcass to retail cuts (boneless, not including organs or bones). Over the past decade of record keeping, our carcasses average a 62% to 63% yield of the carcass to retail cuts (boneless, not including organs or bones).

The hanging weight is determined at our processor, Vermont Packing House, on USDA Certified Scales. The hanging weight is what you pay on, and it is also the basis for which we pay for all processing and packaging. An important number to both of us and I know the weight reported is accurate. 




Our grass fed, grass finished, purebred Black Angus harvested at the right age and weight to ensure the best possible beef arrives at your table. All expertly cut and packaged by our processor Vermont Packing House.