The Cowboy

The Cowboy

"The Cowboy" contains some favorite steaks along with those cuts that feed the hungry ranch hands.
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"The Cowboy" is built for a couple or family to fully enjoy the rich beefy flavor of many of the cuts available of our Angus.

    Stew/Kabob               8 lbs

    Round Roast              4 

    Chuck Roast              2 (3-4 lb. each)

    Sirloin Steak             2

    Strip Steak                 2

    Tenderloin/Filet     2

    Ribeye Steak             2 

    Round Steak             2

    Denver Steak            3

    Ground Beef             25  (1 lb. packages)    

We guarantee there will be the number of pieces per cut (or more) in your "Cowboy" as listed above and the total weight will be 44 lb. or more.



Our grass fed, grass finished, purebred Black Angus harvested at the right age and weight to ensure the best possible beef arrives at your table. All expertly cut and packaged by our processor Vermont Packing House.